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There is no greater loss than the tragic and sudden death of a loved one, especially if it involves a wrongful death case. A wrongful death refers to a situation where, as a result of an individual’s negligence or wrongful conduct, another person has died. The family members and/or estate of the deceased can bring a wrongful death suit to provide emotional and financial relief. Although a Seattle Wrongful Death Attorney cannot bring your loved one, he or she will fight hard to get you the compensation that you are entitled to for the loss of your loved one.

Washington’s Wrongful Death Statutes
The state of Washington has two main statutes that govern wrongful death actions that a Seattle Wrongful Death Attorney can be a wrongful death action under:

1. A general wrongful death statute that applies to a parent’s cause of action for the death of a child.
2. Statute that addresses survival actions to recover the damages the deceased could have claimed had the deceased survived.

Under Washington’s general wrongful death statutes, a Seattle Wrongful Death Attorney an bring an action on behalf of the deceased’s estate and for the benefit of certain designated surviving relatives. If there are no designated statutory beneficiaries, then the victim’s estate may pursue a claim in limited circumstances but only certain economic damages are recoverable, including future lost earning, medical expenses, and property damage.

Requirements to Bring a Wrongful Death Action
In order to successfully bring a wrongful death action, a Seattle Wrongful Death Attorneymust establish negligence. The four critical components that must be established for negligence are:

1. The defendant had a duty to the deceased,
2. The defendant breached that duty,
3. The fatality was caused by the defendant’s breach of duty, and
4. The survivors have suffered damages as a result of the loss.

In addition to establishing negligence, Seattle wrongful death lawyers must also establish the future life expectancy of the deceased to establish the loss of future earnings. Effective presentation of the non-economic or emotional loss is critical to a fair damage award.

We Can Help
If you have lost a loved one as the result of another individual’s negligence or wrongful conduct, you should contact Seattle Wrongful Death Attorney Travis Eller for a free initial evaluation of your case. During these emotional times, you can rest assured that our legal team will provide you and your family members with the professionalism, respect and sensitivity that you deserve.

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