Recreational Use Statute

Recreational use statutes encourage landowners to open land for public recreational use by providing the landowner immunity from liability for personal injury.  The purpose of the recreational use statute is to encourage the opening of lands to the general public that would otherwise be closed. Immunity under the recreational use statute applies only if 1) […]

Tattoo Leads to Kidney Failure

Anna got a tattoo. The ink was apparently contaminated with bacteria when the tattoo artist received it from the distributor. Several of the tattoo artist’s clients, including Anna, suffered negative reactions. Most of the tattoo clients quickly recovered. Anna did not. Anna’s doctor diagnosed a bacterial infection at the tattoo site and prescribed antibiotics. The […]

Injured by a Foreign Driver

When I was in law school and working for a law firm we had a client who was badly burned by a defective gas grill. The manufacturer was a Mexican company. I had to research how to serve the Mexican company as one of the defendants, found the answer in a treaty. A recent Washington […]

Cow Owner Liable for Auto Accident

Graber owned cows. His neighbors testified they had repeatedly seen cows outside Graber’s fence, either on neighboring property or on the highway.  Some neighbors testified that they had repeatedly called Graber to notify him that cattle had left his property. Evidence showed that Graber himself believed that strangers had opened his gates on several occasions, […]