What Is Your “Minor” Injury Worth?

The fact that your injury isn’t likely to cause permanent problems in your life doesn’t mean that the injury is insignificant to you. Insurance companies have a process all their own when it comes to putting a dollar value on these “minor” injuries, a process which your Seattle personal injury lawyer knows very well. Here’s a review of the insurer’s view of it.

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Disputing the Existence or Severity of the Injury

Insurers are, by nature, suspicious of claimants. It comes with the role that insurers play in personal injury cases, and, while it can be irritating to a claimant, it’s better not to get too worked up about the inevitable suspicion.

Not surprisingly, insurers tend to dispute the very existence of an injury when the injury is one that can’t be physically demonstrated. That means you will face suspicion about whether you really do have a sprain, a strain, or any similar soft tissue injury that modern imaging procedures can’t pinpoint. Unfortunately, these types of injuries are very common in many types of accidents, including auto accidents. The help of an experienced Seattle personal injury lawyer can go a long way toward convincing the insurer that the injury is real.

If the insurer does accept the existence of the injury, it may still try to minimize its severity, its impact on your life, or both.

Claim that Symptoms are from Prior Injury

The insurer reaches its first impression of the injuries from its review of medical records, reports and the like. If those records reflect any earlier injuries that could cause the same symptoms you now claim, the insurer might well decide that the current symptoms are nothing more than an aggravation of the earlier injury. That’s an easy claim to make for such symptoms as pain and discomfort—almost all of us have had several injuries which could cause those kinds of symptoms.

Get Help Early

It helps to refute the insurer’s efforts to minimize the seriousness of your claim early in the process. Otherwise, the insurer’s initial view can harden and begin to seem like “fact” to the adjuster and other agents of the insurer. Call Seattle personal injury lawyer Travis Eller today at (206) 801-1188.

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