Anna got a tattoo.

The ink was apparently contaminated with bacteria when the tattoo artist received it from the distributor. Several of the tattoo artist’s clients, including Anna, suffered negative reactions. Most of the tattoo clients quickly recovered. Anna did not.

Anna’s doctor diagnosed a bacterial infection at the tattoo site and prescribed antibiotics. The infection did not respond. Anna was referred to an infectious disease specialist. By the time the infection had been brought under control Anna’s kidneys had failed, and Anna had to begin dialysis.

Ann sued the tattoo parlor, the tattoo artist, and the manufacturer of the tattoo ink. The tattoo parlor and the tattoo artist were dismissed on summary judgment. Anna appealed.

There are statutes and regulations governing tattoo artists. The Court of Appeals ruled that the various tattoo statutes and regulations do not require use of sterile ink, and that the dismissal of the tattoo parlor and the tattoo artist from the lawsuit was proper. The claims against the tattoo ink manufacturer remain.

Injuries from tattoos are not uncommon. If you believe you have been injured by negligent tattoo practices you should seek a case evaluation from an attorney.