Not the Nanny

A woman was injured in an auto accident. She hired an attorney. Shortly before the statute of limitations was to run, the attorney filed the lawsuit and had a process server attempt to serve papers on the other driver. The process server handed to the documents to the nanny, who answered the door. Unfortunately, the […]

Those Who Wait

Our law firm did not participate in the lawsuit described in this article.   A woman was injured in an automobile accident on August 2, 2006. Her attorney filed a lawsuit on her behalf on July 30, 2009, a mere four days prior to the running of the statute of limitations.[1] [2]   The injured […]

Sloppy Carpet and Sloppy Lawyering

Our law firm was not involved in the case described in this article.   A tenant tripped in a tear in the carpet of her apartment unit and sued the apartment complex. In the complaint the tenant alleged breach of contract and violations of federal regulations governing the structural soundness of federally subsidized housing.[1]   […]