Recreational Use Statute

Recreational use statutes encourage landowners to open land for public recreational use by providing the landowner immunity from liability for personal injury.  The purpose of the recreational use statute is to encourage the opening of lands to the general public that would otherwise be closed. Immunity under the recreational use statute applies only if 1) […]

Slip and Fall Injury in Snow

Jerelyn was a part-time paraeducator at an elementary school in Kennewick, Washington. One January morning she noticed it had snowed, dressed accordingly, then drove to the school without losing traction. She began work at 10:30 a.m. Consequently, about 65 to 70 employees arrived before her. After she got out of her car she slipped and […]

Slip and Fall on a Grape

Cindy fell on a grape at the checkout in a Ross store in Lynnwood, Washington, and injured her shoulder. She later sued Ross for personal injury. Ross moved to dismiss. Cindy’s attorney argued that the store failed to preserve evidence by allowing a video of the fall to auto-delete after 17 days. Her attorney also […]

Slip and Fall Cases are Tough

Many people assume that if someone is injured on another’s property, the property owner or occupier and their insurance carrier are automatically on the hook for the injury claim. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, slip and fall cases are among the toughest for the personal injury claimant to win. The Court […]

It’s Not My Job

A long-haul truck driver delivered a trailer to a Lowe’s store. Although she would sometimes open the trailer doors in the loading dock, unloading the trailers was not her job. On this delivery, when she attempted to open the trailer doors she noticed that the cargo had shifted and some boxes pressed against the doors. […]

Sloppy Carpet and Sloppy Lawyering

Our law firm was not involved in the case described in this article.   A tenant tripped in a tear in the carpet of her apartment unit and sued the apartment complex. In the complaint the tenant alleged breach of contract and violations of federal regulations governing the structural soundness of federally subsidized housing.[1]   […]

Landowner Duty to Police in Washington

Our law firm was not involved in the personal injury lawsuit described in this article. In a recent premises liability case Division One of the Washington Court of Appeals considered what duty, if any, a landowner owes to a police officer.[1] On the night of December 20, 2005, a King County Sheriff’s Department Deputy entered […]