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Every year approximately 26 infants die and another 11,500 suffer injuries in cribs. Many cribs still in use are not up to current standards and are not safe. Check for crib recalls.

Between 1999 and 2001 the Consumer Products Safety Commission reported more than 100 child deaths from suffocation in adult beds.

Some simple parenting practices help lower the risks to infants. Watch this video from the Consumer Products Safety Commission to learn more.

Crib safety tips:

  • Check for crib recalls.
  • No decorative cutouts.
  • Space between slats should not exceed two and three-eighths inches.
  • Corner posts no higher than 1/6 inch higher than end panels.
  • No missing slats or sharp edges.
  • Top rail must be high, and height needs to be addressed with growth.
  • No missing screws or bolts.

This is just a short checklist. For more information visit the Consumer Products Safety Commission Crib Information Center.

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