A minor caused my injury. Do parents and/or their insurance have to pay my claim?

Many assume that parents and their insurance carriers must pay for any personal injury caused by minor children. It is not a given that parents or their insurance will be responsible to pay for injures caused by minor children. Whether the parents and their insurance company will have to pay your personal injury claim will […]

If I make a personal injury claim will my whole medical history be disclosed?

Personal injury defense attorneys and insurance companies are not allowed to contact treating physicians except through formal discovery processes, or as agreed by the parties.  There are two reasons for this – 1)  to promote proper treatment by facilitating full disclosure of information from patient to physician and 2) to protect the patient from embarrassment […]

What is the statute of limitations on personal injury claims in Washington?

Generally three years, but the statute of limitations is not something to mess with. You should not wait until the three years is almost on you to start a personal injury lawsuit. A lot can happen in three years. Witnesses move, and their memories fade. The at-fault party might move, and then be hard to […]

Can I get my insurance to pay personal injury legal costs?

Maybe. In most situations you must reimburse your insurance for medical bills and other benefits paid on your behalf if you collect on a personal injury claim from the third-party who was at fault. Personal injury attorney fees are contingent on the outcome – you do not owe the personal injury attorney a fee unless […]

The other driver was cited by police. Doesn’t that mean he is automatically responsible? Or: I was cited by police. Doesn’t that mean that I have no claim?

Although an important consideration, law enforcement citation at the scene does not end the inquiry as to fault. Law enforcement is trying to determine if a traffic rule was violated, not whether or which party or parties were negligent. Law enforcement officers are not judges, and do not have the final say on any legal […]

Do I need an attorney?

To you, you are just asking for what is fair for your personal injury claim. To an insurance company, your personal injury claim is a business expense and nothing more. A former insurance adjuster for a major insurance company was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying “I ripped off a lot of people […]

What about the property damage to my car?

Get you own estimates. Many people accept a property damage offer only to find that it will not fully cover repair to their vehicle. If an insurance company offers an amount differing from your estimates they must fully disclose the reason or reasons for the difference and must thoroughly document the circumstances in the claim […]

How do I choose a personal injury attorney?

There are a lot of us out there. Here are some factors you might consider when choosing a personal injury attorney. Is the attorney independently rated? What do colleagues and/or former clients say? Does the attorney have endorsements? Understand the fee contract. What about “Mahler” fees? What if a court awards fees, such as if […]

Can we just settle out of court? Do we have to go to court?

Unfortunately this is not entirely within your control. It takes two to tango. Insurance companies quite often make unreasonable offers. Offers that do not even repay medical bills. Or, no offer at all. I love being a lawyer. I love what I do. But, I also know lawsuits are no fun for clients. We make […]