What about the property damage to my car?

Get you own estimates. Many people accept a property damage offer only to find that it will not fully cover repair to their vehicle. If an insurance company offers an amount differing from your estimates they must fully disclose the reason or reasons for the difference and must thoroughly document the circumstances in the claim file.

An insurer is required to repair the vehicle to pre-accident condition and to make a good faith effort to honor a claimant’s request to have their vehicle repaired at their shop of choice.

If your insurance company pays you and then pursues a property damage claim against the other driver’s insurance company, your insurance company must keep you reasonably informed. This means that the insurer must contact you within sixty days after the start of the subrogation process, and no less frequently than every one hundred eighty days until the insured’s interest is resolved.

There have been at least two important appellate court decisions recently in Washington concerning property damage issues.

Having said all that, if fault is not contested the property damage claim is usually settled while the injury claim is pending.



By personal injury attorney Travis Eller

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