How do I choose a personal injury attorney?

There are a lot of us out there. Here are some factors you might consider when choosing a personal injury attorney.

  • Is the attorney independently rated?
  • What do colleagues and/or former clients say? Does the attorney have endorsements?
  • Understand the fee contract. What about “Mahler” fees? What if a court awards fees, such as if a case is appealed from Mandatory Arbitration? Who gets that money?
  • Avoid a bait and switch. Who will actually be negotiating with insurance companies? A junior associate? A non-attorney assistant? Who will be there with you if the case goes to court – the attorney you met, or a less experienced associate?
  • How does the attorney present? If there are videos of the attorney online, does the attorney have a natural conversational speaking style? Does the attorney bore the audience with “um” and “ah” filler words? Public speaking is a vital skill for a trial lawyer, and requires a lot of practice. Pick an attorney you think is good at it.


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