Seattle Injury Attorney | Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

  • Attorney rating. Does the attorney have an independently documented reputation for excellence?

There are attorney rating services that rate attorneys based on objective criteria. Find out if the attorney has such a rating (not all do) and if so what that rating is.

– Travis Scott Eller is rated as “excellent” by

  • Testimonials and endorsements. Does the attorney have testimonials from former clients and endorsements by colleagues?

An attorney who has been in practice for awhile will often have accumulated testimonials from former clients and endorsements by colleagues.

– Testimonials and endorsements are posted on this website.

Each case presents unique and specific factual and legal circumstances. Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

  • Experience Counts. How long as the attorney been practicing personal injury law? How many personal injury cases has the injury attorney litigated? Of those, how many did he or she win?

Does the Seattle Injury Attorney have relevant experience? Glitzy advertising means nothing, other than the attorney paid for some glitzy advertising. Don’t assume. Ask.

– Travis Scott Eller has been representing the injured since 1997.

  • About your case. What problems does the lawyer foresee with your case? What are your options? How would the lawyer go about handling your situation? What is the process? Will any insurance companies or other party have to contribute to paying the attorney fee?

Depending on the circumstances there may or may not be a short and simple answer, but an experienced injury attorney should have no difficulty explaining your options and how the attorney will handle your case.

Depending on the facts and circumstances of an injury, case an insurance company may be responsible for some of the injured party’s attorney fee. Ask if that is likely to be the case. Ask what happens to the money. Do you get the full benefit of such contributions? Does the attorney keep any of that money as part of the attorney fees?

Important: Ask about Mahler and how it effects the attorney fees before signing an injury attorney retainer agreement.


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