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Your Washington Personal Injury Lawyer will make a reasonable effort to work with the insurance company on a settlement in your case. However, a number of factors can make settlement problematic, necessitating taking your case to court.

While some insurers are philosophically opposed to the idea of injury settlements unless culpability is crystal clear, a Washington Personal Injury Lawyer can often negotiate with less-intractable companies. When this proves fruitless, the insurance company likely:

• Simply does not believe you were injured, or thinks you are exaggerating your injuries.
• Believes you and your Washington personal injury lawyer are demanding a larger settlement than is appropriate.
• Is trying to wear you and your lawyer down, hoping you will agree to a smaller settlement out of frustration.
• Believes that you bear at least partial responsibility for the accident which caused your injuries.
• Has an internal policy of forcing litigation.

Insurers know that litigating a case is far most costly and potentially time-consuming than settling out of court. If they believe you and your Washington Personal Injury Lawyer may be unwilling to stay the course, they might refuse to settle. They know that if a case’s value is not high it might not be cost-effective to litigate.

If the insurer initially refuses to settle, your lawyer may suggest waiting awhile before pursuing a lawsuit; the insurer may decide that you are determined not to give up, and agree to settle. Assuming this proves impossible, you and your lawyer will need to discuss whether to go forward. When a lawsuit is brought it is usually against both the defendant and his insurance company.

We can help
If you are injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence or fault, you may be facing substantial medical costs and loss of work. The good news is, you might have grounds for a personal injury claim. Contact Washington Personal Injury Lawyer Travis Eller for a review of your case today.

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