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You may have a valid claim for injury due to a slip and fall accident if the injury occurred on someone else’s property because of unsafe conditions or negligent maintenance.

Slip and fall accidents occur in store aisles, stairways, sidewalks, and other potentially hazardous locations. Injury caused by negligent property owners can be very serious to the injury victim and result in damages such as severe pain and suffering, substantial medical treatment, lost wages, and physical impairment or disability.

For slip and fall accidents the occupant or owner of the property will often have insurance that covers the injury victim’s medical expenses while the injury claim is pending. Other damages, such as lost wages, pain and suffering and disability, will have to be handled separately through either settlement or a personal injury lawsuit.

In a premises liability case the victim must prove that the landowner’s negligence caused the accident. Liability for personal injury is not automatic just because the injury victim was on another’s property, but must be proven.

Premises liability may also arise from failure to protect from harm caused by third persons. Such as insufficient or missing signage in a parking structure that leads to an accident. Failure to provide adequate security against criminal acts, such as inadequate lighting to deter crime, failure to train security personnel, failure to warn against the potential of criminal activity, and negligent supervision of employees may also lead to liability for personal injury.

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