Woman Killed by Husband After Law Enforcement Serves Anti-Harassment Order

Baerbel K. Roznowski got an anti-harassment order against her partner, Paul Chan Kim. The court order required Kim to leave Roznowski’s home, and not come near Roznowski. Roznowski asked the Federal Way Police Department to serve the order. She completed a “law enforcement information sheet” for the police department. On the information sheet Roznowski  indicated […]

Rescue Doctrine

Under the rescue doctrine a public entity has a special duty to exercise reasonable care after assuming a duty to warn or come to the aid of a particular plaintiff.[1] That special duty exists because a public entity’s assurances may induce reliance. A person who voluntarily promises to perform a service for another in need […]

Public Duty Doctrine

To prove a claim for injury the injury victim must prove the existence of a duty and breach of the duty. In Washington the state Supreme Court has adopted the public duty doctrine.[1] If the injury claim is against a non-federal governmental entity the injury claimant must prove there was a duty specific to the […]