Cow Owner Liable for Auto Accident

Graber owned cows. His neighbors testified they had repeatedly seen cows outside Graber’s fence, either on neighboring property or on the highway.  Some neighbors testified that they had repeatedly called Graber to notify him that cattle had left his property. Evidence showed that Graber himself believed that strangers had opened his gates on several occasions, […]

What Emergency?

A car was in the front of a line of cars travelling in the same lane. The lead car stopped suddenly. The car behind it was able to stop. The third car back abruptly switched lanes and went around the other two without incident. The fourth car, however, slammed on the brakes, but not soon […]

Harder Than It Looks

A man was rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident. He treated with his doctor and with physical therapy. Months later he suddenly felt severe pain in his neck, shoulders, and down his left and right arms. He was in such severe pain that he believed he would die. He went to the emergency room for […]

Not the Nanny

A woman was injured in an auto accident. She hired an attorney. Shortly before the statute of limitations was to run, the attorney filed the lawsuit and had a process server attempt to serve papers on the other driver. The process server handed to the documents to the nanny, who answered the door. Unfortunately, the […]

No Bond, No Trial

A resident of Turkey was injured in Washington while on a bicycle. He sued the Washington driver. The injured bicyclist got only a small award in arbitration, so he appealed and was given a trial date for a jury trial. The bicyclist then relocated back to Turkey indefinitely. When he failed to post a bond, […]

Those Who Wait

Our law firm did not participate in the lawsuit described in this article.   A woman was injured in an automobile accident on August 2, 2006. Her attorney filed a lawsuit on her behalf on July 30, 2009, a mere four days prior to the running of the statute of limitations.[1] [2]   The injured […]

Tax Day Deadly

According to a recent study the rate of auto accident fatalities is measurably higher than normal on tax day.[1]   The researches looked at 30 years of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and determined that there is a six percent increase in roadway fatalities on tax day.   According to an article […]