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Travis Scott Eller has handled personal injury cases for more than twenty years. He has a seasoned sense of what an personal injury victim should expect in compensation for an injury.

While most cases settle, sometimes insurance companies simply refuse to make a reasonable offer. In that scenario the only way an injury victim can seek justice is through litigation. Mr. Eller has litigated many personal injury cases, and has served as an arbitrator in personal injury claims many times.

Travis Eller has earned the “Advocate” designation of the renowned National Institute for Trial Advocacy. He is active in the public speaking educational organization Toastmasters, and has served in officer roles. Travis is a also member of the high IQ society MENSA.

Mr. Eller lives in King County, Washington with his wife. He has two sons and actively supports their school and extracurricular activities.

In his spare time Mr. Eller enjoys golf, basketball, science fiction, history, skiing, and travelling.

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