Recognizing Common Lowballing Techniques

The insurance company has every incentive to lowball you and your Seattle personal injury lawyer to avoid paying the maximum amount your case is worth. Claims adjusters and insurance attorneys are trained and expected to achieve the lowest settlement amount possible and will use some of the following techniques to dissuade plaintiffs from pursuing their claim further.

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Enlisting a Personal Injury Attorney

One common lowballing technique involves the insurer using a personal injury attorney to write an opinion letter to the plaintiff and his Seattle personal injury lawyer. In this letter, the attorney will cite reasons why the claim is worth little, if anything, and attempt to convince the plaintiff that he will spend more money litigating the matter than he could possibly recover. These letters are often very persuasive, but you should always rely on the opinion of your own Seattle personal injury lawyer regarding the worth of your case and likelihood of success.

Travel Inconvenience

It is not uncommon for accidents to occur outside of the plaintiff’s home state or between two parties from different states. In this situation, defendants are often advised to remove the case to federal court under the diversity of citizenship doctrine – which permits federal jurisdiction in cases involving two parties from different states. Insurance companies will invoke reasons why the plaintiff should settle instead of requiring everyone involved to appear in federal district court. The insurer will tell the plaintiff that federal litigation is more costly that resolving the issue in state court and the best solution is to settle the claim. Again, only yourSeattlepersonal injury attorney should advise you as to what to do about your claim, the costs involved and your best legal strategies.

Social Stigma

If the above attempts at lowballing prove unsuccessful, the insurance company may then delve into the plaintiff’s personal life and uncover potentially harmful information. Certain associations, a criminal history, or lifestyle choices, when unearthed, could negatively dissuade a jury if introduced at a trial (which is not likely under the rules of evidence). Nevertheless, the defendant will try to scare the plaintiff away from continuing his claim for fear that his past or current lifestyle could become an issue. Your Seattle personal injury lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure that these irrelevant factors are not introduced during your trial and that your case is decided on its own merits.

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