How Your Doctor’s Reputation Factors into the Claims Adjuster’s Evaluation of Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have been involved in an accident, you may be wondering about the best way to file an insurance claim properly.  There are several factors that the insurance company looks at when evaluating claims, but one of particular note is the identity and reputation of the physicians and therapists who treated your injuries.  A Seattle injury attorney may be able to help you determine how this matters to your case.

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Red Flags to Look Out For

There are certain “red flags” that claims adjusters look for to avoid inflated cases and exaggerated claims.  Some doctors are locally known to be “plaintiff mills,” specializing in treating large numbers of patients with personal injury insurance claims.  Doctors who advertise on TV or in the phone book are more likely to be suspect for this reason.  If you think the insurance company might suspect this for your doctors, your Seattle injury attorney might argue that the high number of patients is due to your doctor’s extensive experience and credentials.  Also, some doctors are known to frequently serve as the treating physician for patients who are represented by a particular law firm, though your attorney can respond that this is due to the doctor’s experience and qualifications.

It might also be seen as a red flag if the frequency of treatments seems disproportionate to the nature of the injury or if high level treatment was administered when there was only minor property damage in the accident.  Your attorney can rebut these presumptions by having a board-certified doctor or surgeon state that the treatment was medically appropriate and should not be judged based on the property damage that occurred.

If your medical reports appear to have been run off a word processor or copied and pasted from other generic forms with minor variations, that can also look suspicious.  Have your attorney tell the doctor to keep reports customized to your particular case.

If you suspect any of these “red flags” might apply to your case, your Seattle injury attorney should be able to anticipate them and address them when the time comes.  Because injuries, especially soft-tissue injuries, are not always visible, personal injury claims present certain challenges to evaluate, but an experienced lawyer can help prepare you for the settlement negotiation process. To schedule a consultation, call experienced personal Seattle injury attorney Travis Eller today at 206-801-1188. 



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